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Double Arrow Successfully Held “The First International Conveyor Belts Splicing Competition”


In order to improve the splicing skills in China conveyor belt industry, and strengthen the cultivation for highly skilled personnel and innovative talents, Zhejiang Double Arrow Rubber Co., Ltd held the “The First Double Arrow Cup International Conveyor Belts Splicing Competition” from Nov. 11-14th, 2018.


The competition attracted 12 companies and 50 contestants participated both domestic and overseas. The competition items contained three sections including SW high temperature resistant conveyor belt, fabric conveyor belt for general use, flame retardant steel cord conveyor belt, which were the acid test for the professional skill, technical requirements, psychological quality of the participants.


The successful holding of the international conveyor belts splicing competition further mobilizes the initiative of workers in the conveyor belt industry to learn technology and strengthen skills, creates a good environment in which everyone can be talented and everyone can display their talents, promotes more outstanding skilled talents, advances the construction of technical talents in the conveyor belt industry, and provides a strong talent guarantee for the development of the whole industry.

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