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Long Distance, Road Across Conveyor Belt


Recently, the Heqi Power Plant Pipe Conveyor Project in Hebi city, which was certified as the longest pipe belt conveyor in China by Shanghai China Records has successfully passed the performance assessment.


The total length of the Project is 15km. It passes through three districts in Hebi city including Shancheng District, Qibin District and Qi County, and spans rivers and main roads like Qi River, Hebi Expressway, and 222 Provincial Road.


Instead of traditional railway and road transportation mode, the Heqi Power Plant Pipe Belt Conveyor Project adopts enclosed transportation way, of which the speed is 4.5m/s, the capacity is 1000t/h, which is equal to the transportation capacity of more than 30 vehicles. It has the characteristics of energy-saving, environmental protection, low investment, small land occupation, and low transportation cost. Otherwise, the Project saved more than 70million Yuan of investment and 510,000 ㎡ of land expropriation area comparing with the original plan, and was awarded as the China Power Excellent Project Award in 2017.  



In addition, the Huzhou South Logistics Cement Clinker Conveyor Belt Project has carried out the first trail run successfully. The project is 22km long and has been invested for 520million Yuan, which is the longest high temperature resistance, fully enclosed, and fully overhead all electrical material transportation system. It can conveyor the cement clinker from the manufacturer to the dock directly. After complete operation, the maximum transportation capacity of the project will reach 45,000 ton/day, which will reduce 2400 vehicles and decrease 50% of the transportation cost.


The conveyor belts used in the Heqi Power Plant Pipe Belt Conveyor Project and Huzhou South Logestics Cement Clinker Conveyor Belt Project were both manufactured by Zhejiang Double Arrow Rubber, Co., Ltd.



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